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It’s a Wrap!

The movie is not wrapped, but 40 Days of Writing is…

Today is Day 40 of the 40 Days of Writing project. I opted to do it a little differently this time around. Though I wrote almost every day, I didn’t post to my blog daily, the way I did last time. I didn’t have the time to start and finish something, but I wrote. I entered a couple writing contests, submitted a couple poems and I’m continuing to work on a longer piece. I’m very grateful for the project. It was instrumental in motivating me to keep writing, to keep practicing, and to love the process. Even though it’s over, the love of writing is not, and I can’t thank Kate Graham enough for having this idea, starting this community, and inspiring so many.

Now I’m going to do a flashback from last night:

At the very moment I am typing these words, it is close to midnight and I am in between scenes on the short film that I am acting in. This is our second all-nighter. I just watched the director and the script supervisor prepare the fake blood for the next scene. I will not be the one with blood on me, though part of me wishes I was. I’m in the scene, but I will be left standing. I think I’m crawling around in the brush in my next scene. It is cold outside and I’m beginning to get sleepy. Adrenaline, a lively cast & crew, including Iggy, who is feeding us the best damn 1AM dinners ever, and the fabulous Elizabeth Cosin, writer/director, who I am growing to love, is keeping me going. Keeping all of us going.

Iggy, serving up our 1am feast from the first all-nighter

Kevin and I, waiting for “Action” at 3:30am

Now we are back in the present:

The weekend was a blur, but here it is:

Friday night at 8pm we started filming. We finished at 6:15am on Saturday morning.

I went to sleep at 7am, woke at 9:30, went back to sleep at 11:30, woke at 1:30, left my house at 3:30 to go  to San Francisco to see Stomacher at Slim’s and got home at 2am on Sunday morning.

Stomacher at Slim’s

I slept until 8:30. I got up, I wrote,  I spent some time with a friend’s poems, I studied some acting tips and I wasted time on Facebook. I did not clean my house or do laundry or fix the areas on my porch where I applied too much oil resulting is sticky spots. At 2pm I laid down on my couch and slept like a corpse. Literally. I was flat on my back with my hands crossed in front of me. I woke up at 4 in the exact same position.

Beautiful Porch waiting for a few finishing touches

I went back to the set at 8pm last night and we worked until 4:30am. I was home and sound asleep by 5. I was able to get three hours of deep slumber. Then my dreaded alarm went off and I dragged myself to my real job, where now, on my lunch hour, in a daze, I am finishing this blog that I started last night on the set.

Here is a great shot of movie making in progress. We are having a ball. 🙂

A sneak peek (our Director is in the white hat)

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