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Cocaine or Jesus

I sat in a seedy bar that smelled of wet rags and old shoes. My second glass of whiskey was almost empty and the cigarette between the fingers of my left hand was unlit. I was road-weary and drunk.

To no one in particular I said, “That first husband of mine never did anything in moderation. It didn’t matter if it was cocaine or Jesus. Nothing in moderation.”

The woman to my left, with her gravelly voice and smudged red lipstick laughed, then yelled, “That should be the title of your book!”

Just kidding! I was actually sitting at Bergamot with Doralice and friends sipping bubbles and critiquing each others’ writing. But I did actually say that and Doralice did suggest the title. I’m not sure I will keep it, but that’s the working title as of today.

2015 will be the year I make a very significant effort to finish the words that roll around in my brain on a daily basis. Last night I attended a Christmas party where a friend asked me what was the biggest inhibitor to getting this book written.  I said, “Time. Just finding the time to sit and write.” He said, “If it’s not on the calendar, it won’t happen.” Or something to that effect. I was two drinks in at this point.

I got my new Moleskine planner this weekend and just wrote “WRITE” on the calendar.




When to write

I still have that book in me. I don’t know if it will be any good. It might suck, but it’s there. In. My. Head. Waiting to explode onto paper one letter at a time. Actually, there are two books, but I put book one aside and decided book two would become book one.

The issue is when to write. I am finding it increasingly difficult to find the time to write. My plate is full. I have a boyfriend, two little boys who are with me every other weekend, always on Sunday night, every Wednesday, and every other Thursday, a cat, and a full-time job. I do yoga on Tuesday and Thursday nights and early Saturday mornings (try to). I run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays (try to). And do my best to get a bike ride or two in there somewhere (try to).

I’m not complaining. I love it all. In all fairness to those three guys in my life, even when I was without them I found it hard to discipline myself and set aside time to write. That’s what I need to do. I told Mike awhile ago that I should get up with him in the morning. He works four tens. He’s off on Mondays, so strike that, but I could get up with him at 4:15am on Tuesdays through Fridays and write for one to two hours before I go to my real job. That is a TON of writing time.

But this is what that looks like the night before.

Me:  Will you wake me in the morning? I want to get up with you to write.
Mike:  (Eyeroll) Okay.

Morning comes…

Mike:  (Gently rubbing my back) Sweetheart, time to get up.
Me:  Uggghhhh!! NOOOOoooo!!

I realize this is a boring blog, but I’m hoping by saying this out loud for all of my 22 followers to hear, that some of you might hold me to it. You know, occasionally ask me how the book is coming along. Also, I’m hoping that Mike will start dragging me out of bed at 4:15am (literally). I really do love mornings, darling.

View from my desk. Instagram filter: Earlybird! That will be me!

I have a lovely window view from my desk, but this is what sits next to it. Instagram filter: Earlybird! That will be me!

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