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Cocaine or Jesus

I sat in a seedy bar that smelled of wet rags and old shoes. My second glass of whiskey was almost empty and the cigarette between the fingers of my left hand was unlit. I was road-weary and drunk.

To no one in particular I said, “That first husband of mine never did anything in moderation. It didn’t matter if it was cocaine or Jesus. Nothing in moderation.”

The woman to my left, with her gravelly voice and smudged red lipstick laughed, then yelled, “That should be the title of your book!”

Just kidding! I was actually sitting at Bergamot with Doralice and friends sipping bubbles and critiquing each others’ writing. But I did actually say that and Doralice did suggest the title. I’m not sure I will keep it, but that’s the working title as of today.

2015 will be the year I make a very significant effort to finish the words that roll around in my brain on a daily basis. Last night I attended a Christmas party where a friend asked me what was the biggest inhibitor to getting this book written.  I said, “Time. Just finding the time to sit and write.” He said, “If it’s not on the calendar, it won’t happen.” Or something to that effect. I was two drinks in at this point.

I got my new Moleskine planner this weekend and just wrote “WRITE” on the calendar.




Will this qualify me for a SAG card?

Ulysses, Screen Actor

Healdsburg is home to the very talented Elizabeth Cosin, whom I had the pleasure of first meeting last year at a mac and cheese throw down. I was a judge and her dish took home first place honors. Elizabeth is a published novelist, veteran TV writer, screenwriter and ex-sportswriter who has seen great success in her career.

A few months ago, I ran into Elizabeth at our local wine bar, Bergamot Alley, where she walked up to me and said these exact words, “I’ve been thinking about you. I’m writing a short film and I want you to star in my movie.” I was only momentarily speechless. I said, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

So here we are, on the heels of actually putting this together. Well, she is actually putting this together. I’m just doing as I’m told. The script is finished, most of the cast chosen (which includes her beloved pug, Ulysses), and she is busy trying to wrap up all the last minute details for the shoot, set to begin in two weeks.

Today we shot a short promo video for the movie, featuring Ulysses, who will do just about anything for a cookie. He’s a real pro. Also today, I was handed the script. Stay tuned…

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