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The Prickly Pear

When David and I split up, there wasn’t much stuff to divide. What was mine was mine and what was his was his and what was ours we split between two houses. While we were married we had a fully furnished second house in Arizona and he kept that house with most of it’s contents (except for that stuff I recently when to retrieve) and I kept what was in the Healdsburg house.

But there were a few things in the Healdsburg house that he occasionally mentioned. Namely, two lamps that he purchased at a shop in Healdsburg and some pieces of art that we had together for many years. Years ago we were fortunate enough to meet and become fast friends with an artist named Terry Elkins. Terry gifted us four beautiful original pieces at different times and I was in possession of them. Three of the pieces were nautical map drawings  that shouldn’t be split up and the fourth was a beautiful painted solar etching of a prickly pear. David wanted The Prickly Pair. Hmmm…

Sidenote: Given the subject matter of yesterday’s blog, you might be interested to know that we met Terry through David’s friend, Shari. Shari was David’s only other longtime relationship before me. They were high school sweethearts who continued their relationship through and after college. They remained friends. I met Shari just a couple years after David and I got married. I met Terry on the very same day. They were traveling through Philadelphia when we lived there and we had dinner together. Long after Terry and Shari broke up, we remained friends with Terry. This is very typical of David. If Mike and I ever break up, I’m sure the two of them will still hang out.

photo 2-3

One of three hanging in my bedroom

Anyway, I’m a little indifferent about the lamps. I really like them, but if he pressed hard, I would probably give them to him. He hasn’t been pressing too hard. The nautical pieces hang in my cottage bedroom. They go perfect with the paint color I chose called ‘water drop,’ and that wasn’t on purpose. The Prickly Pear displays prominently in my hallway/living area.

The last time he brought it up, “I just want The Prickly Pear; nothing else,” was during our planning of my Arizona trip and his trip to Healdsburg. “Okay,” I said, “It’s yours.” It was the fair thing to do. I assumed he would take it when he came to town.

The replacement

The replacement

As I told you in yesterday’s blog, he and Julie stayed at my cottage when they came to town. They were up and on the road very early, so I arrived back home after they departed. They left me a nice gift and my cat was fed and happy. I had been home for a couple hours when I walked out of the bathroom and stopped in my tracks. The Prickly Pear was gone. In it’s place, hung a coyote. Or maybe a wolf. Even though we hadn’t talked about it for a few weeks, I wasn’t upset at all. We had agreed, but as I was laughing my ass off, I snapped a picture of the replacement and texted it to David saying, “What the fuck!? Hahahaha!” He immediately texted back and told me to look in the area behind my desk. And there it was.

photo 3

Safekeeping for now

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