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My kids have moved…

My children have left the state of California for our neighbor up north. I suppose I should be wringing my hands and crying in my soup, but I’m actually really happy for them. Don’t get me wrong, I wish they lived in Healdsburg. In fact, they entertained that idea until they started looking for a place to live up here and saw that the rental prices were just plain stupid. Those are my words, not theirs, and while I could probably state that fact more eloquently, “just plain stupid” is exactly what I want to say.

Oh, how I want them to live nearby! And I still haven’t discounted that this may happen one day. Jarrod and Amanda made the decision to leave the East Bay quite some time ago, but were undecided about where they wanted to go. Almost the entire world was their oyster, though they didn’t want to venture too far from California. The criteria was that it wasn’t so far away that they couldn’t come back to the Bay Area for somewhat frequent visits as they both have grandparents, and Amanda has younger brothers, and of course they both have mothers who love them very much.

The “world is their oyster” part is because Jarrod works from home so no new job to hunt for with a move, and since getting married the two of them been very smartly managing their money and paid off all their debt and saved and saved. Man, am I proud! No offense to my adorable, kind, and generous son, but my daughter-in-law is AMAZING with managing money. Just last weekend I sat down with her and her notebook so she could show me how they did it. What a brilliant girl he married!

So they decided to give it a year and see if this is the place to put down roots or if this is just an adventure among many future adventures. They arrived at their new home on Saturday and are almost settled in. Jarrod sent me a pic this morning of his home office. How could I possibly not be thrilled for them? There are trees! I can’t wait to visit. I already have the date on the calendar and the route mapped out. I will see you in the Spring, my darlings.



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  1. Jenean Pearce-Hoffman #

    Dear Jodee,
    We’ve never met but we have a friend in common. Jordan Shay. Jordan and I dated in High School and briefly in college and have kept in touch over the ethers for the past many years. I saw your friendship with him a few years ago through comments and felt an indescribable connection with you. You are a beautifully-souled woman with (from what I can gather from your comments) a similar self-discovery path. I decided to “follow” your blog about a year ago as so many of your insights and “ah-ha” moments rang true for me. I think you are, if I can pick one word, BRILLIANT!!! From your writing I can gather you have learned so much from this amazing journey of life and are very generous to put those lessons and discoveries back out into the universe. As a woman who has lived with her heart on the outside of her body, I can relate to the visceral need to “put it out there”. It has bit me in the rump many-a-time but has served me well more times than I can count. Also, as a sister-in-spirit, I have found a dear love later than expected in my life. I have had a long journey including 2 divorces. You were blessed with a child early in life. I had a one-in-a-million miracle with the birth of my son (at age 35) and another once-in-a-lifetime story of a daughter by adoption (at 43) but the journey is still “motherhood”. I just wanted to tell you I really truly enjoy reading your blog and the honest, heartfelt, painful, poignant moments you share. Thank you, thank you for being another gem in this lifetime for me to uncover.
    I am truly grateful for the gift of your writing!
    -Jenean Pearce Hoffman

    March 3, 2014
    • Dearest Jenean,
      Thank you so very much for your incredibly kind words! I can’t think of a suitable way to tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to write to me other than to say that with this blog it was my hope to entertain, and if at all possible, to inspire. You have let me know that I have inspired, and for that I am so very grateful. I really enjoyed hearing a bit about your journey, too, and I’m happy to hear life has brought you to a good place.
      With love,

      March 4, 2014

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