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More than ever, it’s the little things…

I’ve turned a corner. I’ve come to the end of a long unpaved road that should have been travelled slowly and with caution. I didn’t always do that. At times I went full speed ahead never realizing that the faster you go on an unpaved road, the more likely damage will occur. Actually I did realize that, but I was willing to throw caution to the wind and fly fast. I ignored the part of me that said, slow down. I took risks and with risks come injury and with injury comes damage and yes, I’m damaged. But who isn’t? We survive in spite of ourselves. Wounds heal, scars strengthen us, and I’m not planning to slow down too much as I travel down a new road, because risks also pay off.

Blah, blah, blah…That’s how that first paragraph reads to me. I was going to delete it, but then decided to leave it so you could roll your eyes the way I did after I re-read it.

Okay, in a nutshell, life is good and when I woke this morning and replayed last night in my mind, I thought of little things that made me pause and think, I’m happy.

I ate delicious, spicy Indian food and sipped warm beer from a paper cup in the diviest (not a word) restaurant I’d ever been in.

Shalimar on Jones Street

Shalimar on Jones Street

I walked SLOWLY with a friend back to my car after dinner realizing that I could just walk SLOWLY (because in my previous life there was no such thing, I would practically have to run to keep up or worse yet, walk five paces behind).

I listened and laughed at my son (after watching him perform with an awesome band) while he told of his typical daily-clothes-changing routine which involves swim trunks, gym clothes and draw-string linen shorts, all while working from home.

The full-bearded boy doing what he loves.

The full-bearded boy doing what he loves.

I put my arm around my daughter-in-law to keep her warm while we walked her to her car.

I sang (very badly with a voice rough from the rhinovirus, though I would sing badly anyway) Beach Boys songs a cappella in an effort to keep me and others in the car awake on the long drive home.

I snuggled my new kitten for a few minutes before I crawled in bed at 3am.



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