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Running with Glasses

Tonight was my first post-flu run! Yay! It was supposed to be last Thursday, but when I went to change into my running clothes after work, I realized I packed one short sleeved shirt and two long sleeved shirts and no pants. That might have been subconsciously on purpose, though I was disappointed (for about 30 seconds).

This is a new year. The days are getting longer and training season has begun. I had been pretty consistent for a few weeks and then I was down for the count. I haven’t run for 20 days. I still have an annoying cough. I haven’t really done anything except a 15-mile bike ride last Saturday with a girlfriend. Okay, it was really only 12.8, and we took it real easy.

I also got new glasses on Saturday! There’s a great company called Warby Parker that sells very reasonably priced glasses and for every pair they sell, they donate to someone in need. You can pick up to five pair for home try-on. They send them to you along with a return label and it doesn’t cost you a dime. It was about six months ago that I did the home try-on and picked a pair, but I needed a new exam and finally got around to that.

They were bigger than I remembered. With the shape of my nose, I thought I looked like I was wearing the fake glasses with the fake nose. Maybe I should thin my eyebrows? Oh well, I can see really great. My friends said they liked them. I think they would tell me the truth. I took a picture of myself at work today and sent it to my son. I’m not even sure he would tell me truth about how they looked and I figured I would get a one word answer, but he and Amanda both got their glasses there so I thought I would show him mine.
photoBack to my run. I got off work and parked my car at Yoakim Bridge Road to do my new favorite run out West Dry Creek Road. Prior to being sick I was up to an easy four miles. I wasn’t sure how far I would go. I was thinking three would be reasonable, but wanted to see how I felt. Within the first five minutes I felt a burning in my chest. I had not felt that since I first began running three years ago. That was disconcerting, but it disappeared rather quickly and I felt pretty good. Then I realized I forgot to take my glasses off. Shit. I’m one of those weird people who has quirky things when it comes to exercise and I never run in glasses. Not even sunglasses because I wear a hat.

Now I’m having to deal with the glasses that have now in my own mind become a very big deal. I don’t like holding anything when I run either. My friend Ron holds a water bottle. There is so way I could run holding a bottle of water or my glasses for that matter. Just forget about them, Jodee. I started thinking about my pace and distance and how I was feeling. I knew I was going very slow, but I allowed myself that. I looked at my running watch for the first time at 1.41 miles and wondered if I should turn around at 1.5 making it a three miler, but I felt good so I decided to go for four. The glasses were still there, though.

Right about 3.25 I started to feel pretty fatigued. I coughed a bit. I spat (I’m a spitter when I exercise), but apparently forgot how because the saliva went down my chin and onto my shirt. How embarrassing, but exercise is not lady-like. I am not one of those women you will ever find at a gym in full makeup. Actually, you won’t find me at the gym at all. Just when I thought I had nothing left, The Black Keys came on my iPod and then I came upon the Raymond Burr Winery sign. I knew I didn’t have too much further to go. I thought, Ironside. Now he was a badass and I’ve been known to be a badass, too.



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