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Last Night’s Dream

My blog has been neglected lately. I’ve been working on a novel. I’m on page four. Making up a story in my head is extremely difficult for me, but an idea came and I’m making the attempt. Attempt. Slowly.

Anyway, I don’t sleep much. I have no trouble falling asleep, but I have trouble staying asleep. When the clock strikes 3am, my eyes pop open. I get up, I drink water, I pee, and then I try various things to help me get back to sleep. I won’t bore you with those details. If I’m lucky enough to fall back asleep, I sometimes have very vivid dreams before my alarm sounds at 6am. This was last night’s, actually this morning’s if I were to be accurate…

I dreamt I was running late to Jarrod and Amanda’s (my son and daughter-in-law for those reading this that don’t know me) second wedding. The first time was not in a church, but this time was. I was in an unknown city and lost and I was coming to a red light where cars were stopping. I was in the far right lane, but needed to be in the left hand turn lane. Somehow I managed to drive across three lanes and around a car blocking me to get to the lane, but in doing so, I touched the car with my hand (?). It was a 57 Chevy with all the windows down. Driving, was a guy who looked like Morley, the street artist. In the car with him were several teenaged girls and they started yelling at me, but it was in a funny way and we all laughed, and then the guy yelled, Be careful of your yogurt, which was perched on a little shelf outside my car window. It was open and had a spoon in it. As I drove off, I grabbed my yogurt to keep it from falling. It was Brown Cow, maple flavored. I got to a public parking lot, found a spot and got out of my car. The Morley guy walked up to me. He was wearing a suit and I asked him if he would be my wedding date. He said, Yes! So we started walking to the church and I asked him his name because I would have to introduce him to my parents and he said, Seth Fleishman, and I said, You’re Jewish, and he asked if that was a problem and I said, No, of course not. When we got to the church I remembered that I already had a wedding date. I stopped him and took him aside to tell him and then three women that I didn’t know walked right up and started talking to me and I yelled at them. I said, We’re having a conversation here! I sounded exactly like George Costanza and I could see I offended them. So I told Seth that I already had a wedding date. I explained that I had a friend meeting me there. He said, That’s cool, can I still be your date? I said, Yes, but let’s exchange numbers in case I lose you. I walked in the church and it was full and my Dad was there waiting for me and he took me up to my seat. All of a sudden there was a gasp and in came a huge white horse carrying Jarrod and Amanda. They were riding side saddle, bareback, and they were dressed Moroccan style in bright colors, mostly orange and red. The horse rode all the way into the church and up to the altar. Then it knelt down and they slid off. The ceremony started immediately. A bunch of us walked right up to them and started taking pictures with our iPhones. Jarrod’s friend Brandon sat down on the floor Indian style and was giggling. I said, Shut up, Brandon, we can’t hear the ceremony…and then my alarm went off.

I know where the giggling Brandon came from. At the first (real) wedding, the bread for communion was forgotten and the little table near the bride and groom stood empty. At the point in the ceremony where communion was approaching, their friend Breawna ran to get the bread. None of us really knew what was going on until she very quietly put a hot dog bun on the table at which point Brandon lost his shit. It was not a giggle. It was full-blown, back-shaking, laugh-stifling moment complete with weird hiccuppy noises. Breawna had grabbed the first bread item from the kitchen that she could find.

I thought photos would work well with this blog. I’m still working on finding the one of Brandon laughing at the real wedding.


Seth’s car




Jarrod and Amanda’s kneeling horse


Amanda’s dress

morrocan man

Jarrod’s outfit

hot dog

Hot dog bun communion

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  1. Steve Dveris #

    Hi Jodee,

    I can’t relate to a lot of the content of your dream, but I so relate to not getting enough sleep as I get older. I too wake up at 3:00 almost every morning and then toss and turn until 6:00 when I finally succumb to not being able to turn off my brain and get my ass out of bed. I do it all without an alarm. I think we are around the same age if not exactly the same (I am 51). Not so happy with the whole aging thing. By the way, I almost never remember my dreams. Makes me wonder if I am actually sleeping at all. Happy Holidays! Steve

    December 21, 2012
    • Hi Steve,
      I can’t really relate to a lot of the content of the dream either, though I can figure out where some of it comes from, such as the yogurt. That brand/flavor is one of my favorites, but last I checked I didn’t have a shelf outside my car window where I placed my yogurt. Wacky! Also, I like the street artist Morley, but I have no idea where the Moroccan theme came from. Anyway, yes, we are the same age, except I was born a few months before you. 😉
      Happy Holidays to you and may sleep find both of us…

      December 21, 2012

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