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“You’re kidding me!”

Yesterday I participated in a Duathlon, which is like a Triathlon without the swimming. This one was a run two miles, bike 18, then run two more. I’m not a very good swimmer so this works well because I like running and cycling. I came in first in my age group and also was the oldest female to participate earning me the title of Grand Master. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Before you get too excited about me taking home the first place medal, let me tell you that this was a very small event, very small. There weren’t too many women my age there. Still, I will take it. I have run many races and have never placed. I have done many bike rides too, but I wouldn’t even consider trying to place with cycling. Running though, at my age, is somewhat attainable under the right circumstances so I was pretty happy, especially because there was cycling involved, too.

I was planning to visit my parents afterward since they weren’t too far from the event. I knew they had some things going on, but I was hoping to have an early dinner at their house. I called the Elks Lodge after my race. They are very active with the Elks Lodge and handle all of the events, including planning and cooking. My Dad answered the phone. He is hard of hearing so I usually have to yell a bit when I talk to him on the phone. He yells too. I think I said “this is your daughter,” three times before he said, “Oh! Hi honey!” He said he was setting up for a luncheon following a memorial service for a member that had passed. I told him about my win. He still can’t believe I do all these running and cycling events since this is something I only started a little over three years ago. “You’re kidding me!” he said. I asked him what time he would be home. He said not until 4:00pm. It was only 11:00am. “Call your mom on her cell phone,” he said, “she’s at Larry’s Bar setting up for the Purple Pig BBQ.” I had no idea what that was.

I called my mom. I told her about my win. She said, “you’re kidding me!” Then, “I’m at Larry’s Bar setting up for the Purple Pig BBQ.” I said, “maybe this isn’t a good day for me to visit, it sounds like you are both busy.” Reluctantly, she agreed. They both want to see me. It has been a little too long. We talked of some possible days over the next few weeks and left it at that.

I called my dad back to let him know I wasn’t going to see him. He said, “why don’t you go to Larry’s Bar and hang out with your mother, have a few drinks (hilarious), then come over to the Elks to see me before you head home.” I reminded him that I was coming from the race and needed a shower and told him I would see sometime in the few weeks. “You’re too busy today, dad,” I said.

So, ya, my parents were to busy to see me yesterday, but I’m okay with that. 😉

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