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T-Minus Five Days

Beginnings of ride loot.
(I see I spelled hoo-ha wrong in my previous post)

The Fondo is upon us kooks crazy enough to ride our bikes 103 miles. Not flat miles, mind you. Miles with mountains to climb. It’s nothing new that I’m doing it, because I write about it, I Facebook the hell out of it, and I shout it to the four corners of the earth because it’s all to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Everyone already knows that, too.

I’m nervous as hell. I was nervous last year as the day was approaching, but this is different. Last year I felt prepared. I was well-trained. This year, I’m only half well-trained. Last year I kept up on my running at the same time. This year, I didn’t do that. Last year, I had no training issues. This year, I was plagued with a saddle sore that has kept me off the bike for the past three weeks. Coach’s/Doctor’s orders. Same person. My Coach is a Doctor. Her rationale is that if I don’t stay off the bike and heal, I might not be able to ride in the Fondo. She’s right. This is a double-edged sword. She thinks I will be fine on Saturday. I appreciate her confidence in me. I truly do. It helps, but I’m not so sure.

Because I can’t ride, I thought I would do some running this past week and this week. I haven’t run for a couple months. That was stupid. I should have kept it up just for this very reason. I ran three miles last Thursday. On Saturday, I could barely walk. What the hell? I can ride my bike for 50, 60, 70 miles and feel no soreness whatsoever, but a three-mile run? Different muscles. Now I’m afraid to run because it made me too sore. So the little bit of exercise I’ve been getting is on my bike trainer, standing up. That’s right, 10-15 minute intervals where I pedal standing up so my vagina has no contact with my saddle.

The good news is that I am 95% healed. I’m going for a short ride this week. I don’t care what anyone says. I must. For my own sanity, I simply must. Period. That is fucking that. I will give it another day or two and then I will ride. I need to make sure I still can. I know, that’s a bit dramatic, but this has really done a number on my head. I’m obsessed with it. I can think of nothing else. I can’t sleep, though I can eat, so no worries there, but seriously, finishing the Fondo is consuming my thoughts.

I have been googling the hell out of everything I should be doing this week. I’m abstaining from alcohol and loading up on potassium rich foods. My fear is that my legs are going to cramp a few hours into the ride. I found a ton of advise on this topic. I’m following all of it. I bringing Tums on the ride. Not for my tummy, but for the calcium, and will chew a couple fruity ones every couple hours. I read that calcium helps to prevent cramps during endurance rides. I’m also going to drink tonic water the night before the ride, but without the gin or vodka. The quinine is also supposed to help prevent cramps. Who knows if any of this stuff will work.

Spinach has more potassium than bananas!

I have never had a problem with cramping during a ride, except once. It was early in training and it was our first climb up Mt. Diablo. We were almost to the junction on the south gate when the muscles on the inside of my thighs completely seized up. I had never felt that before and don’t intend to ever feel it again, hence my obsession. I was able to pedal through it, but it hurt like hell. I know there are many reasons for cramping, but I’m convinced this was due to under-training. I had missed a couple rides because of the short film I was cast in and hadn’t quite caught up to where the rest of my team was on the training schedule. I realize that all the preventative stuff I’m doing may not help under the circumstances, but it can’t hurt, right?

I did eventually catch up and training was going well until my girlie bits decided to wreak havoc. Wish me luck. If you pray, I will take it, or continue to think those good thoughts for me, and may all the planets line up in every other aspect of this day that is going to chew me up and show me exactly what I’m made of. Or something like that.

If all else fails, I have these people…

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  1. Good luck Jodee! You can do it! Just be gentle with yourself! xo

    September 25, 2012

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