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I’m With the Band

My son’s band, that is. I’m one of the moms. I share this title “one of the moms,” with four other women. Three of these boys, Jarrod, Stephen and Jeff, have been playing together since high school. Mary, Linda and I have watched them grow up and evolve from a hardcore metal band called In Reverent Fear to a very talented group of songwriters/musicians who play incredibly good music. There are five now with the addition of Jon and Greg.

Jarrod picked up his step-father’s acoustic guitar at about the age of 10 and he never stopped playing. He began to teach himself. I thought it was a phase. I was wrong. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on music lessons if he wasn’t serious so I just let it be for a couple years. When I realized the guitar was attached to his hip, I found a guitar teacher. It was our first ride in the car to lessons that I realized he had real talent. He sat in the back seat so he could play while we drove the 20 minutes to his lesson. He buckled up in the middle seat. The radio was playing when it suddenly dawned on me that he was playing with the song. I kept quiet and listened. He played along with every song that came on.

Jarrod, with is first electric guitar

In 8th grade he signed up for the talent show, and with two other boys they played “Zero”  and “Where Boys Fear to Tread” by Smashing Pumpkins. Unfortunately, an out-patient surgical procedure was scheduled for me the same day so I couldn’t be there. I insisted my husband just drop me off at the hospital and go videotape the talent show. I will always remember his words as I woke from my groggy stupor. I said, “Did you film the boys?” He said, “Yes, Jarrod’s got it, ” I said, “Got what,” he said, “It.”

In high school with Stephen and Jeff, there was a constant shuffle of them together at each other’s houses to play music and write songs, but at that time I couldn’t get into their music. There was a lot of screaming. Again, I thought, this is a phase. It is all going to fizzle when they graduate and go off to college. It didn’t. Jarrod went to school in San Diego and shortly after Jeff went to school there as well. Then the rest of the guys moved down there. During this time their music began to evolve into something I enjoyed. After college, they moved back to the Bay Area. They have always stayed together; through college, through Jarrod’s cancer, through marriages and through real jobs that pay the bills. They continue to follow their dream and we moms are all very proud.

A few years ago, and with the intent to start fresh and distance themselves with the type of music they played when they were kids, they changed their name to Stomacher. I know it sounds a little gross, but a stomacher is actually a beautiful thing, as is their music.

Here is an early release of one of their songs from the upcoming album. carnival-rock-2

Jon, Jeff, Stephen, Jarrod and Greg

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