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I am one of those people that almost never deletes email. Oh, I mostly delete junk immediately that I don’t need and always spam, but I really need to go through and clean it up. I just looked and I have 6,001 emails since joining gmail a few years ago. That is ridiculous. My daughter -in-law was over not long ago and was on her computer searching for something to show me. She went to her gmail and her Inbox was empty! I asked, “Don’t you ever need to find an old email?” I guess that’s what the folders are for. Anyway, I tend to be the same way with texting. I never delete texts, but because of this I have something to write about. I received a text this morning that made me very happy which prompted me to have a topic today. That led to going back and looking at some texts that might be fun to share. Have you ever had someone commandeer your phone and pretend it was you? I once got a text from my mother-in-law that said, “How’s your butt?” I knew immediately that my brother-in-law must have stolen her phone. The whole family had gathered for a wedding in Chicago and I was left behind with a stomach ailment that I got from antibiotic overuse due to a brown recluse spider taking a bite out of my leg.

So here is a text between my son and I this past Thanksgiving morning, only that really isn’t me. His stepfather (Chip) stole my phone and pretended to be me: These next three are between me and one of my best girlfriends, Bridget. She’s hilarious and never ceases to make me laugh. She’s the one that told me to start my blog. Here is that exchange:Here is a random exchange over the holidays the year before last: Lastly, between Bridget and I, is this one. The post I was referencing was regarding a 10K race that I had just run and would have placed in my age group were it not for having to stop for a potty break (no, I did not shit my pants):
And here is the one from this morning that inspired this blog post. What could be better than Walking Dead and potluck with your best buddies?
Happy Sunday, everyone!

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